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In March 2018 RCO co-hosted a workshop with Toronto to demonstrate how procurement links with the circular economy and waste reduction through engaging presentations and sector case studies, as well as other opportunities:

  • variety of workshop exercises on procurement
  • examination of roadmaps that integrate circular economy principles into procurement
  • evidence of benefits and learn how to quantify them in economic, social, and environmental terms
  • how resource efficiency and circularity can be delivered in practic

Now is the most exhilarating time to be an innovator.

You might be questioning the health of our organisations, social systems, and business models. With good reason: companies are currently deeply rooted in a linear approach to growth - make, use, dispose.

Teachers can follow these guides with their classes to help integrate a shoreline cleanup into the yearly curriculum. Guides are available for grades k – 7 providing indoor and outdoor activities that help develop students understanding on various topics leading up to participation in a shoreline cleanup.


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