Food Waste Pledge / Défi Gaspillage Alimentaire



Learn about food waste and how to take action by taking the Food Waste Pledge! If you are a school or classroom taking the Pledge as part of the Waste-Free Lunch Challenge, please take the Pledge for Kids.

Step 1. Learn
See what you already know about food waste by filling out this short quiz! Answers will be revealed once the pledge is submitted.
Statistic from Environment Canada
Step 2. Take Action
To take action on food waste, I pledge to:
Need some recipe ideas? Visit the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign's collection of recipes for leftovers.
'Best Before dates’ doesn’t necessarily mean the food is bad after. Expiry dates often only refer to food quality not food safety. Learn more about how long food lasts here
Why are you taking the pledge? Have any specific goals or just want to learn more about the issue? Let us know!
Step 3. Share
Tell us about your ideas and efforts to reduce your food waste footprint using #WasteReductionWeek. Follow us on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on news and resources!