2019 Themes

Getting involved with Waste Reduction Week



Plastic Action Centre

Canada's Plastic Action Centre is now here! The Plastic Action Centre in an independent open-source repository that gathers  information to educate, engage, and empower action on plastics. Recycling Council of Ontario has developed the Plastic Action Centre to become a knowledge hub to provide governments, businesses, educators, researchers, and citizens the necessary scope of information to take meaningful action on plastics.

Visit PlasticActionCentre.ca


Swap It Toolkit

Recycling Council of Ontario is developing the Swap It Toolkit, a downloadable, multi-language, and customizable package of resources that includes everything you need to organize a successful Swap Event for your community or building.

The Swap It Toolkit launches during Waste Reduction Week in Canada 2019!

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Swap It Toolkit


Waste Reduction Week in the News

Students at West Ferris Secondary School have been busy t

On Plastics Thursday of #WasteReductionWeek, CTV News at

Takeout is a great way to skip cooking and the dishes.

Upcoming Events

June 11, 2019
Governments and purchasing groups are primed to disrupt our current linear model...

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