Yorkdale Shopping Centre | Circular Economy Month | Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Waste Reduction Week in Canada Champion Partner 

As one of Canada’s first shopping centres to implement a resource recovery program, Yorkdale has continually increased its targets for reducing waste year after year since 1994. The shopping centre is equipped with 12 compactors; and all cardboard, paper, bottles, cans, plastics and organics are recovered on-site. Every retailer is also encouraged to participate in recycling programs and receives annual Waste and Recycling Training to ensure Yorkdale exceeds its annual sustainability targets.

Circular Commitments and Achievements:

• Collected used cooking oil from food court tenants to be processed and reused as a circular supply in the form of biodiesel. 

• Recovered 922,662 beverage containers, which can produce supply fiberfill for 184,533 ski jackets.

• The circular economy aims to protect and improve our natural environment. Yorkdale created a habitat for native plants to support pollinators, improve biodiversity, and restore natural habitats.

• Fifty-seven million straws are used daily across Canada. Avoiding or eliminating single-use items is an important part of the circular economy, and Yorkdale first banned single-use plastic straw at all onsite Food Retailers in 2019. 

• Capture and harvest rainwater to irrigate and water landscaped areas instead of drawing from the municipal water system. In doing Yorkdale supports a circular economy by recirculating a natural resource, which saves energy by avoiding water treatment.

• Solar power is a circular solution because it is a renewable energy supply. Yorkdale’s solar panels produce approximately 250,000 kWh annually, which is enough to power the mall’s interior and exterior lighting for three months. 

• A circular economy maximizes resources and minimizes waste by making the best possible use of a product. By recycling 706 metric tonnes of paper Yorkdale avoids 12,714 trees from being cut down as a source for new paper.

• Electric hand-dryers are a circular solution with minimal waste and can be easily repaired. By using hand-dryers instead of paper towels in restrooms, Yorkdale avoids 1,464 trees from being cut down annually.

Partnerships for Circular Solutions

Yorkdale is one of Canada’s premier shopping destinations with more than 18 million guests visiting each year. As guests weave their way through Yorkdale’s more than 270 stores and food collection they may not realize Yorkdale is taking a proactive approach and employing innovative practices to minimize their impact on the environment through unique programs and partnerships that reduce waste, conserve energy, and promote circular economies. In order for Yorkdale to achieve success, they rely on collaboration and partnerships with organizations that work to ensure co-operative success in sustainability and environmental protection.

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