Hellmann's | Circular Economy Month | Waste Reduction Week in Canada




Hellmann’s Canada is a proud sponsor of Waste Reduction Week in Canada and Food Waste Friday

Hellmann’s is proud to support Waste Reduction Week in Canada on its 20th anniversary and celebrate the steps taken and efforts being made across Canada to reduce waste.  

Food waste is an environmental and humanitarian crisis. One-third of all food produced in the world is lost or wasted between farm and our plates, contributing to climate change by creating 8 per cent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions.

Shockingly, households are the biggest contributor to this challenge. According to UNEP’s 2021 Food Waste Index Report, 61% of all food waste occurs in domestic homes, with the average Canadian wasting 79kg of food a year at home.

Hellmann’s® has been a champion of real food and ingredients for over a decade and believes real food is too precious to waste, and as a brand that reaches into millions of homes every day through its products, we believe we have an opportunity and responsibility to help people become more resourceful with their food, and ultimately waste less.

We know most people don’t set out to waste food, but sometimes life just gets in the way. The barriers are complex, including factors like forgetfulness, time constraints in our busy lives, perceptions of a food’s desirability (whether it is past its best by date or looks past its prime) and an individual’s cooking skill and confidence. Even so, reducing food waste is possible.

Hellmann’s is on a mission to inspire more than 100 million people around the world to waste less food each year, including a number of new initiatives launching here in Canada over the next year, including:

1. Canada’s Favourite Food Truck

Food loss and waste often goes unseen. To coincide with the 20th Anniversary of Waste Reduction Week in Canada, Hellmann’s has partnered with City of Peterborough to bring attention to the issue in a new, eye-catching way, via Canada’s favourite food truck - the garbage truck.

Over the next three months, half of the City’s waste collection vehicles will be sporting a new look, with a creative, tongue-in-cheek message from Hellmann’s on the driver side of the vehicles that provides an important educational perspective on food waste.

The new partnership aims to encourage Canadians to learn more about the issue and take action. 

2. Hellmann’s Fridge Night

This coming November, Hellmann’s Canada will also be launching a new app called “Fridge Night” where users are encouraged to use up items in their fridge on a set “use up” day (or Fridge Night). The app, rooted in findings from one of the largest and longest consumer behaviour studies on household food waste, offers an easy, scalable, digital solution to help Canadians be more resourceful with their food, reduce waste in the home and save money. Find out more at www.hellmanns.com/en/ca

Hellmann’s brand mission also supports parent company Unilever’s Future Foods ambition, which launched globally in 2020 with two key objectives:

   1. To help people transition towards healthier diets

   2. To help reduce the environmental impact of the global food chain.

Core commitments within the Future Foods ambition include to halve food waste in Unilever’s direct global operations from factory to shelf by 2025 and through its brands, help consumers to waste less food at home.

As a member of the Champions 12.3 coalition, Unilever is also dedicated to accelerating progress towards achieving SDG 12.3. The business has also adopted the Champions 12.3 ‘Target–Measure–Act’ approach.