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CityNews, February 5, 2018

From power tools, to camping equipment to children toys — for the past five years, the Toronto Tool Library and the Sharing Depot have loaned out over 65,000 items. Torontonians can borrow any of these items the same way one can borrow a book from the library.

However, the sharing network that has helped city residents build, borrow and fix is now in need of a helping hand itself.

A new grocery store in northern New Brunswick has become what may be the province's first zero waste retail food operation.

At Terraterre, located in the Saint-Jacques area of Edmundston, products are sold in bulk and customers take their own containers, such as mason jars, to fill at the store.

Owner Manon Whittom believes the store is the first of its kind in the province. Terraterre sells mostly organic products that are local or Canadian. Read more

Plastic is a huge part of the toy industry. Ninety per cent of toys are made from some form of plastic and most of them aren't recyclable.

One of the hottest toys of the Christmas season was something called the LOL Surprise Ball, a plastic ball that contains plastic toys, and sometimes more plastic balls, and a lot of plastic wrapping too.

This week on Day 6, we kick off a new series called Wasted, and it's all about trash — how we generate it, what happens to it, and how we can generally be better at dealing with garbage.


The future is uncertain. As the global population is projected to hit 9 billion by 2050, tensions over resources like food, water and energy are likely to swell along with it. Meanwhile, earth has reached what scientists deem the climate tipping point - and evidence suggests the carbon concentrations in our atmosphere may be permanent. Read more

Source: Triple Pundit

A new Metro Vancouver app will do your Christmas shopping for you.

Well, not really, but the regional government’s Merry Memory Maker app is bursting with dozens of creative ideas that could prevent you from aimlessly wandering the malls in search of something special. The ideas for experienced-based or long-lasting gifts are designed to reduce waste and garbage.

Bylaw prohibits businesses from offering plastic bags to consumers.

The City of Victoria plans to ban businesses from offering plastic bags to consumers starting July 1, 2018.

Councillors have approved a bylaw which prohibits grocery stores from offering or selling plastic bags to shoppers. Stores can still offer paper bags or reusable bags for a cost if customers ask.

By: CBC News


Canadians generate a lot of waste. On average, every Canadian will generate 720 kg (1,587 lbs.) of waste that goes to landfill, which is equal weight to a full grown female giraffe. Here are ten easy take-action tips that will reduce our reliance on landfills and help you adopt more environmentally conscious choices.

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