Waste Reduction Week set by Yorkton Council | Circular Economy Month | Waste Reduction Week in Canada

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Waste Reduction Week set by Yorkton Council

Waste Reduction Week has been declared by Yorkton Council.

“Waste Reduction Week in Canada is annually held in October to build awareness around issues of sustainable and responsible consumption, encourage choice for more environmentally responsible products, and promote actions that dispose of wastes in an environmentally friendly manner,” explained Aron Hershmiller, Assistant Director of Environmental Services with the City at the regular meeting of Council Monday.

To mark the week, “to increase awareness and provide an opportunity for local residents (residing within city limits) to properly dispose of household hazardous wastes free of charge, the Environmental Services Department will once again be hosting a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection day on October 19,” said Hershmiller.

This event will take place at the Public Works Shop from 9:00am until 3:00pm and will be conducted by Green For Life (GFL) Environmental.

“Household Hazardous Waste, or HHW, is any waste from your home that you consider to be dangerous or of which you are unsure. It includes any leftover household product that is marked flammable, corrosive, explosive or poison. Common examples are lightbulbs, solvents, cleaners, propane cylinders, and batteries. HHW should not be disposed of in our garbage cans or in the landfill as they are considered more toxic to the environment than other regular wastes,” said Hershmiller.

Fire Protective Services will also be on site collecting sharps waste and providing information on disposal locations within the City.

“As part of Waste Reduction Week, we will also be conducting school and business tours of Recyclability Enterprises and the City of Yorkton Sanitary Landfill. These tours will increase awareness of these facilities as well as increase the public’s knowledge of what happens to recyclables once they leave your home,” continued Hershmiller.

A new initiative for Waste Reduction Week 2019 by the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council (SWRC) is the hosting of a Repair Café on October 26, 2019. The event will be held at the Yorkton Victory Church on 38 Bradbrooke Drive.

“A Repair Café is an event where the public is encouraged to bring broken items to be repaired by an experienced volunteer. This encourages people to reduce the amount of waste they are putting in the landfill and an opportunity to have them fixed,” explained Hershmiller.

“These items might include small electrical items such as a lamp that may need some soldering or a new electrical end.

“Other items may need some sewing, gluing or maybe even bicycle repair.

The proclamation was passed, with Mayor Bob Maloney opposed.

In 2019, Waste Reduction Week will be held October 21-27.