FoodMesh | Circular Economy Month | Waste Reduction Week in Canada

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FoodMesh is a Vancouver based technology company building digital solutions for food recovery in response to a desire to solve two global problems: avoidable food waste and food insecurity. We develop apps and programs to safely match surplus commercial food with businesses and charities. We simplify the local food distribution channel by 'meshing' supply and demand.


In 2017 we created a self-serve, B2B online marketplace designed to simplify food redistribution in a more efficient and intelligent way. Now, over 460 organizations use the FoodMesh Marketplace to buy or sell distressed, close to date and overstocked products - or to offer donations. Nonprofits and charities can either purchase products (at over 50% off their market value) or claim donations.

In October 2018 we started our Retail Food Recovery Program, which helps grocery stores achieve zero food waste by diverting and tracking 100% of all perishables daily to charities, farmers and composters.

The Food Recovery Program has now expanded into 14 regions across British Columbia including: Kelowna, Chilliwack, Prince George, Vernon, Creston, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Mission, Richmond, Cranbrook and Sparwood.

Across all initiatives by FoodMesh, here are our recovery metrics to date:

  • Food rescued (kg): 1.98 million
  • Meals provided: 2.53 million
  • Emissions saved CO2-E (kg): 3.76 million

Today, our initiatives have successfully provided TWO AND A HALF MILLION meals to people in need, and have saved almost 2 million dollars in food value by companies using our apps and services.

To find out more, we welcome you to visit us at Organizations are welcome to register, or get in touch at