Circular Economy Month & Waste Reduction Week in Canada | Circular Economy Month | Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Circular Economy Month & Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Launching Canada’s First Circular Economy Public Awareness Campaign - Circular Economy Month

For 20 years Waste Reduction Week in Canada has focused on the concepts of waste reduction and recycling as a key component of our transition to a circular economy. However, educating Canadians on this new model of consumption involves more than just one week. That’s why Circular Innovation Council is extending Waste Reduction Week in Canada beyond the third week of October into Circular Economy Month to educate and excite Canadians about the opportunities and benefits of the circular economy.

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Program Themes

The third week of October will continue as Waste Reduction Week, upholding tradition of focusing on our daily themes related to specific waste streams and the waste reduction component of a circular economy. The remainder of the month will focus on introducing the concept of circular economy and amplifying its broader social, environmental, and economic benefits, communicating a different theme each week.

October 2022 Program Themes. Week 1 (Oct 1-9): Introducing the circular economy. Week 2 (Oct 10-16): Environmental benefits: clean oceans and freshwater, biodiversity protection, climate change mitigation, reducing carbon emissions, water conservation, embracing reuse. Week 3 (Oct 17-23): Celebrating Canada's 21st Waste Reduction Week! Learn about waste reduction and recycling of issue-based waste streams such as textiles, e-waste, plastics, food waste.  Week 4 (Oct 24-31): Social & economic benefits: innovation, job & skills creation, economic savings, driving local economy, community engagement.

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