Proclamations | Semaine canadienne de réduction


Nous demandons aux gouvernements locaux, aux écoles, aux entreprises et aux organisations de déclarer la troisième semaine d'octobre comme la Semaine canadienne de réduction des déchets. La proclamation est un excellent moyen de déclarer votre engagement à réduire les déchets dans votre communauté.


Merci d'avoir proclamé la Semaine de réduction des déchets 2019!

Remarque: Veuillez autoriser 1 à 3 jours ouvrables pour que votre proclamation soit affichée.


National Organizations

Xerowaste Solutions

Why did Xerowaste Solutions proclaim?

"Xerowaste Solutions' company mission is to reduce waste, reduce carbon output, and increase recycling. We actively work with multi-unit residential building owners throughout BC and Alberta and have always addressed the pillars of waste reduction that you show. We will make an extra effort with our clients to make an impact during the waste reduction week."

Hitfar Concepts Ltd.

Why did Hitfar Concepts Ltd. proclaim?

"Hitfar Concepts is on a mission is to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by the phone case industry in Canada.   As Canada’s oldest and largest cell phone accessory distributor we have committed to reducing the amount of plastic in the products we sell and the packaging these products come to the market in."

Eco-Train Inc.

Why did Eco-Train proclaim?

"Eco-train in partnership with Hitfar Concepts is on a mission is to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by the phone case industry in Canada. The Case Recovery Program was launched on March 2, 2020 in an effort to pull back old phone cases destined for landfill and to provide a more sustainable end of life for these materials. We are about to embark on a national Waste Reduction Week Sales Promotion and Social Media Awareness Campaign for the entire month of October. "


City of Toronto (certificate coming soon!)

Regional Municipality of Durham

Town of Bruce Mines

Township of Perry

Township of Rideau Lakes

Municipality of Dysart et al

Why did the Municipality of Dysart et al proclaim?

"Municipalities across Canada are affected by waste management issues every day. Reducing the amount of waste produced in a municipality reduces the need for landfill space, conserves natural resources, and decreases greenhouse gases."

A Greener Future

Why did A Greener Future proclaim?

"Everything we do as a nonprofit is related to waste reduction. Waste reduction is integral to the protection of water, wildlife, and human and ecosystem health. We host litter cleanups, educate the public, and lead by example through zero waste principles."

Town of Parry Sound

Waste Reduction Group

SUNSET Renewable Asset Management Inc.

Why did SUNSET Renewable Asset Management Inc. proclaim?

"At SUNSET Renewables, supporting a circular economy is core to our business, as sustainability is core to our values. We are striving to give the renewable energy industry options to be more sustainable by keeping end-of-first-life equipment out of landfills and directing materials back into a circular economy framework."

Township of Terrace Bay

Why did Township of Terrace Bay proclaim?

"As a small community in Northern Ontario, Terrace Bay is committed to maintaining our recycling services despite the rising costs (about to double or triple in the next year). We've identified in our strategic plan that we will continue to support and participate in green initiatives. This year we launched a new line of promotional products, focusing on sustainable and recycled clothing as well as reusable bottles instead of selling water bottles. We intend to continue to educate and encourage our community to be as green as possible. We take pride in living along Lake Superior and strive to keep it protected and clean."


Northwest Territories

City of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories 

Why did the City of Yellowknife proclaim?

"Our community has taken on various waste reduction initiatives to help reduce the amount of waste landfilled in the North. The City is extremely unique as we still allow salvaging to take place at our landfill. In addition to salvaging, we have worked hard this year to establish various diversion programs through the introduction of the public-drop off (PDO) area. This PDO was designed to optimize diversion levels of materials such as clean wood/brush, scrap steel, paint, bicycles, mattresses, recycling, compost, etc., versus the previous single bin disposal. "


Rural Municipality of Nipawin No. 487

Why did the Rural Municipality of Nipawin No. 487 proclaim? 

"We proclaimed to help educate all the residence within the RM of Nipawin of the benefits of reducing & recycling. We recognize that losing waste to disposal and as litter are local and global threats to the environment. We will take action to reduce our waste and support the circular economy."


Aquatera Utilities Inc.

Why did Aquatera Utilities Inc. proclaim?

"Aquatera is committed to reducing our waste, conserving resources and protecting the environment. We proclaim to educate the communities we serve on the environmental impacts of waste and encourage the adoption of environmentally conscious choices, leading the communities we serve toward environmental sustainability."

British Columbia

District of Oak Bay

City of Nanaimo

City of Richmond

Town of View Royal

The Corporation of the District of Saanich

The Corporation of the District of Central Saanich

Comox Valley Regional District

City of Williams Lake

Fraser Valley Regional District

Why did Fraser Valley Regional District proclaim?

"This year our regional bylaw came into effect requiring all residents, businesses and institutions to source separate all recyclable and compostable material from the garbage stream. We will be reminding everyone on the top tips to reduce and divert their waste so that less ends up going to landfills."

City of Port Coquitlam

District of Squamish

City of Vancouver

City of Port Moody

Town of Comox

Village of Belcarra

City of Port Alberni

Resort Municipality of Whistler

Why did Resort Municipality of Whistler proclaim?

"The Resort Municipality of Whistler is proclaiming Waste Reduction Week as we are committed to waste reduction, resource conservation, and community education for sustainable living. The RMOW has implemented residential organics collection as well as organics collection in parks which can accept certified compostable plastics and dog waste. The RMOW has also worked closely with the ICI sector to reduce the amount of waste created."

City of Port Coquitlam

City of Trail