Waste Reduction Weekly | Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Waste Reduction Weekly

The third week of October since 2001 Waste Reduction Week in Canada has brought together individuals, businesses, and government to take action and celebrate successes we achieve during the year.  Given the growing interest in circular economy, waste reduction, and resource efficiency, we are launching Waste Reduction Weekly to engage Canadians on the issues year-round and create additional touchpoints.

Through Waste Reduction Weekly we will share news, and promote organizations, governments, and individuals that are making a difference. 

Waste Reduction Weekly will formally engage Canadians on the program’s themes year-round and create additional opportunities to take action through:

  • Facts and stats, waste reduction tips, champion profiles, and take-action opportunities shared on social media
  • New program resources
  • Blog articles on advancements related to our seven themes
  • Newsletters sharing new resources, case studies, program updates, and promoting local events
  • Ongoing promotion of events and activities. Register your event.

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We look forward to championing individual and collective environmental efforts and achievements year-round. If you have an idea for a Waste Reduction Weekly story or spotlight let us know by sending an email to info@wrwcanada.com or on social media by tagging @WRWCanada