Holiday Food Waste | Circular Economy Month | Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Holiday Food Waste

The holidays are all about getting together with friends and family and enjoying food (lots of food!). As a result, this time of year can create a lot of food waste. Follow these take-action tips for reducing food waste this holiday season. 

Plan ahead

Pre-plan recipes and make a shopping list to minimize the chance of buying too much and wasting it. Be realistic about portion sizes and how much food you actually need. Tip: Try out the Guest-imator tool to help plan how much food you'll need for your holiday feast. 

Food planning

Love leftovers

Offer leftovers to your guests and get creative by trying new recipes with your leftover food. Love Food Hate Waste has many great recipes/meal ideas for leftover food. Encourage guests to bring their own containers, or offer reusable containers. 

Christmas dinner

Purchase bulk food

If you’re doing a lot of cooking and baking over the holidays, consider buying foods in bulk to reduce packaging waste. Bring your own reusable container when purchasing bulk.

Bulk Food

Donate unwanted foods

Donate gift baskets and other holiday treats to a local food bank.

Christmas cookies

Take the Food Waste Pledge

Are you ready to take action on food waste this holiday season? Show your commitment by taking the Food Waste Pledge.