City of Airdrie Waste and Recycling Services

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City of Airdrie Waste and Recycling Services
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Waste and Recycling Services's business goal is to reduce the annual metric tonnes per household rate for single-family residential waste. Taking part in WRW helps the department to achieve its goals by educating residents on how to reduce food waste and keep other materials out of landfills.
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Government - Municipal
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The City of Airdrie will be educating and engaging residents on how to reduce food waste at home and at the store. Here are a few of the tips we have provided to residents on how to reduce food waste Organize your fridge with most perishable foods in one area. Use this section first when making meals. Get creative with leftovers. Make a weekly meal plan before you go shopping and only buy what you need. Use food you have in your fridge before shopping. Buy less food more often so your fresh food doesn’t go bad before you get to it. Donate food you don’t need to the Airdrie Food Bank or give it away before it spoils. Waste and Recycling Services is also offering free food preservation workshops to teach residents.
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