Winger Public School

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Carole Anne
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Winger Public School
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The Eco-Team @ Winger Public School always runs a Litter Less /Boomerang Lunch week during the third week of October. We encourage all of the members within the building to use only recyclable or reusable containers for their lunches and snacks. All food waste and garbage are returned home to make our parent community aware of how much waste is generated by individual lunches every day. Also, we encourage everyone to bring a refillable water container to use daily and avoid single use water bottles. We have 2 water filling stations for our school community to use. Hopefully these initiatives will create an awareness within our community that we can do simple things that will make a change for the better. Even small changes can have a big impact on our planet.
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We want to know! Have you ban single-use plastics such as bags or straws? Purchase a water bottle refill station? Host a swap/reuse event? Every action (big or small) counts.
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