March Zero Waste Meetup - Conscious Beauty | Waste Reduction Week in Canada

March Zero Waste Meetup - Conscious Beauty

Zero Waste YYC Meet-up: Presented by Plastic-Free YYC For this Meet-up we will be talking mainly about personal care products, where we will have an open conversation about what to look for in a product with the lowest impact on our environment. We will also touch a bit on natural house cleaners. The discussion will focus on choosing options that have reduced to no packaging, contain more sustainable ingredients and even those recipes for great DIY projects. Please register here: ___ This event is FREE as most of our Zero-Waste meet-up as we try to make an inclusive for all Calgarians. Questions? Email ___ About Plastic-Free YYC Join Plastic-Free YYC for a special Zero Waste Meet-up for those who are interested in living a low or zero-waste lifestyle. Calgary's Leading Voice in Zero Waste and Plastic Free Living Plastic-Free YYC is a nonprofit organization leading Calgarians to reduce single-use plastic waste and create a circular economy. Our three-tiered approach of engagement -- inspiring individuals, collaborating with businesses, and working with municipal leaders -- is how change will happen. Our fully volunteer-run team is comprised of plastic-free and zero-waste experts who are passionate about raising awareness of the overall impact of plastic on our community and our planet. Image:
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Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - 18:00 to 18:45
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Education & Outreach Event
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Plastic Free YYC
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Calgary, AB T3E 1W8
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