Circular Buildings: Material Life Cycle Decisions | Circular Economy Month | Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Circular Buildings: Material Life Cycle Decisions

Our presentation is tailored for Architects and Designers to earn CEU's and will introduce important topics including:​

- Circular buildings and materials.
- The state of our industry and the need for improved sustainability.
- CRD waste, carpet recycling, and why it's important.
- How to support sustainability in your clients' projects with recycling specifications and certifications.
- Our Circular Partnership Program details, our services, and how we can help build more sustainable business practices.

Our hope is that our presentation will inspire Architects and Designers to become circular leaders within the industry and encourage their partners and clients to be champions of sustainability. ​

Event date: 
Thursday, October 27, 2022 - 12:00 to 13:00
Event type: 
Education & Outreach Event
Event language: 
Viking Recycling
Event location: 
Toronto, ON M6N 3C9