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Walmart is a proud supporter of Waste Reduction Week in Canada and its efforts to promote and support sustainable living.

As part of our own commitment to sustainability, Walmart set three aspirational goals:

  1. To be supplied 100 per cent by renewable energy
  2. To create zero waste
  3. To sell products that sustain people and the environment

From retrofitting stores with LED lights, ensuring the palm oil in private-brand products is sustainably harvested, to diverting over a dozen different waste-streams from landfill, Walmart is committed to making a real difference.

As it relates to waste reduction Walmart Canada diverts 81 per cent of its operational waste from landfill. Comparatively, the recycling rate for businesses in the Industrial, Commercial & Institutional (IC&I) segment is approximately 30 per cent.
In 2016, Walmart Canada began asking customers to switch from single-use plastic shopping bags to reusable bags, and offering discounted reusable bags as well as improved five-cent plastic bags. In doing so, we are allocating part of the proceeds from the five-cent fee to plastic film recycling initiatives.
Walmart is pleased to support Waste Reduction Week in Canada and encourages other businesses, communities, and individuals from coast to coast to support sustainable living, and proclaim.


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