A&W Canada | Waste Reduction Week in Canada

A&W Canada

A&W has identified five key areas where they can make the most impact: packaging, waste, food, energy and water. It started back in 1956 when they opened their first restaurant in Winnipeg and served A&W Root Beer in frosty glass mugs. Today, A&W’s reusable glass mugs continue to be one of the ways they are actively minimizing their environmental footprint. Waste reduction is a core strategic initiative at A&W as they strive to lead the industry by example. In their effort to reduce waste going to landfills, they started by making big changes to their food packaging. By switching to ceramic and glass mugs for hot and cold beverages, metal baskets for fries and onion rings, and real ceramic plates and stainless steel cutlery for breakfast, they are diverting millions of disposable packaging from landfills. To be exact, that’s 42 million paper cups, 31 million paper bags, 7 million paper plates, and 14 million plastic forks and knives eliminated from landfills each year. These simple changes have made a dramatic impact while allowing A&W to deliver a unique dining experience to their Guests. Find out about all of A&W’s sustainability efforts at aw.ca/environment.