Food Waste Friday

Take the Food Waste Pledge!

Take the pledge and commit to making choices that will keep your food from becoming waste. You can take the pledge as an individual, school, business/organization, household, or community.

When you take the Food Waste Pledge, you'll committ to:

  • Learn about food waste in Canada 

  • Take action to reduce your food waste by:

    • Planning meals and making a grocery list

    • Storing fruits and vegetables properly so they last longer

    • Getting creative with leftovers

    • Thinking about expiry dates

  • Share your food waste reduction tips and encourage others to take the pledge on social media using the hashtag #WasteReductionWeek

Take the pledge!                             The pledge for kids!

Key Messaging for Food Waste Friday

We recommend communicating the following messaging on Food Waste Friday:

  • Practice proper meal planning to buy only what you need
  • Eat what you buy
  • Get creative with leftovers
  • Compost what’s left