Sunday: E-Waste



Did you know globally last year, the total amount of electronic waste reached 44.7 million tonnes and approximatley only 20 per cent is recycled?

Our new theme for 2018 is e-waste. On Sunday of Waste Reduction Week, join the conversation on e-waste and how less waste can be produced through circular approaches to product design, business models, and procurement.

Organize a collection event

A majority of households have old electronics kicking around. As Canadian municipalities do not offer curbside e-waste collection, many residents rely on collection events for proper management of these materials. That’s why on Sunday of Waste Reduction Week (or throughout the week!) we encourage organizations, schools, and municipalities to host an e-waste collection event for reuse and/or responsible recycling.

Key messaging for E-Waste Sunday

  • Purchase refurbished electronics instead of purchasing
  • Repair broken electronics whenever possible
  • Refurbish or recycle electronics instead of landfilling them.
  • Creating innovative approaches to product design