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Walmart Canada
Mississauga and across Canada
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Walmart proudly supports Waste Reduction Week in Canada. Reducing waste is a pillar in our sustainability program, and we are very proud of the results we have achieved. In calendar 2015, Walmart Canada diverted 80% of our operational waste from landfill. We currently divert over 15 different waste-streams from landfill; from cardboard and plastics to tires and batteries, etc. In 2016, we are implementing a 5-cent user-fee on plastic bags across the country in a concerted effort to reduce the amount taken from our stores. Initial analysis indicates that we have reduced our number of plastic bags used by half -- so far. As well, during Earth Week back in April, we challenged elementary school students across the country to collect as many plastic bags as possible for responsible recycling through our Plastic Bag Grab event. At the end of the challenge, over 2 million plastic bags were collected and recycled. Through our partnership with Food Banks Canada, we donate as much food as we can to local food banks, and what cannot be donated is recycled through composting and anaerobic digestion.
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