Organizations Support of Waste Reduction Week

Squamish-Lillooet Regional District 

“Waste Reduction Week is a National event that strives to highlight the importance of making daily decisions about the waste we generate. Working together we can build awareness, increase participation and celebrate local waste reduction ideas and successes. Learn more about Waste Reduction Week events happening across the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District by clicking here

Goodwill Industries of Alberta

“Goodwill’s long term commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with our social enterprise goal of providing jobs and career training for Albertans with disabilities. Goodwill supports our career training programs for Albertans with disabilities through the sale of donated used goods at our thrift stores. Goodwill Industries of Alberta diverted close to 12 million Kg from the landfills, in 2016. This year we are meeting our non-profit’s target of further reducing our waste every year. In 2017, we opened the Impact Centre in Edmonton, our new sustainability hub, which has allowed us to expand our recycling operations. The Impact Centre is home to Goodwill’s only outlet store in Alberta - which sells donated items by the pound. Goodwill is working towards a zero waste target by 2021.”

City of Thunder Bay

“To raise awareness in the community of changes we can make to reduce waste. The City provides free events and promotional activities for the public all week.

Multi-Materials Stewardship Board

MMSB is proud to be a provincial partner of Waste Reduction Week in Canada. MMSB is committed to advancing sustainable waste management with a focus on waste diversion and public education. The goal is to protect the long-term health and well-being of the environment and communities for all people of the province—now and in the future. In delivering its mandate, MMSB is responsible for two lines of business – Waste Diversion and Public Education.”

City of Kamloops

“As a municipality we recognize the growing concern over generating solid waste, and how all the energy, water and resources that are associated with the waste that we generate, ultimately affects the environment and the health of our community. In 2017, the City of Kamloops introduced event waste diversion stations at major events, diverting several tonnes of organic and recyclable material from the landfill. We also introduced waste diversion stations in several offices and encouraged staff to give up their personal waste bins. The City is upgrading the Kamloops Resource Recovery Centre to help divert more construction-type material and we have recently purchased a mobile app with the waste wizard to help educate residents on ways to reduce and divert waste from landfill. Looking forward to 2018 and beyond we will be working with the Thompson Nicola Regional District through the Solid Waste Management Plan to increase waste diversion and reduce waste through various initiatives.

Ste. Anne's Spa

“Ste. Anne's Spa has always had as part of its identity a respect for our local ecosystem, and we continue to grow, in our knowledge and actions, towards a healthy harmony with our natural environment. Ste. Anne's has especially focused this past year on a waste reduction project, including regular waste audits, a "Green Team" representing the whole organization, an ongoing clothing/fabric recycling initiative, and improved staff training in recycling and green practices.”

Eat Local Sudbury Cooperative

“We are a non-profit co-operative grocery store working to strengthen our local food system and support local ecological farming and production practices in the interests of health, sustainability, and fair business practices. Though our city does not currently provide composting services for businesses, we have partnered with a local organisation in a pilot project to divert food waste to be transformed into organic compost to be donated to local community garden projects. We also use our communications and social media platforms to give tips to our followers on how to reduce household food waste.”

A Greener Future

“Our nonprofit focuses on litter cleanup and prevention. We've found that the best way to prevent litter is to reduce waste and stop litter at its source. To help reduce waste we run our organization under zero waste principles and we divert waste by sending all the items we collect during litter cleanups to the right place whether that's the recycling plant, landfill, or TerraCycle.”

The Corporation of the Township of Tiny

“The Township of Tiny is was recognized as the first Blue Community in Ontario and the third in all of Canada. In order to become a Blue Community, a municipality must recognize water as a human right, ban the sale of bottled water in civic spaces and support the public ownership of water utilities.”

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation

“We have a Green Team in CMHC, in every region. We try to sensibilise and bring awareness to reduce waste and have better habits towards the environment. We believe that every act can help. Here is our plan for the WRW: Monday Oct 16th – Publish how to divert print /fax to email Tuesday Oct 17th – Compost Launch in the service nooks Wednesday Oct 18th-Water Bottle Swap Campaign Thursday Oct 19th -No Waste Lunch Friday Oct 20th - Electric Car Parking Awareness”

City of Barrie

“The generation of solid waste and the needless waste of water and energy resources are recognized as global environmental problems. Municipalities have an important role to play in promoting waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting and other conservation measures.

John Wise Public School

“Our school is a Platinum Level Eco Certified School and have committed to staying keen and going green. We have a very active Green Team (of which I am the teacher leader/coach). We already do a 4 tier recycling and composting waste diversion system at school and use G.O.O.S and scrap paper bins. We will be promoting our school to reflect and improve upon our paper use and waste production. We want to see our lunches produce less garbage and recycling by increasing the use of reusable containers. We also want to divert our paper towels into the city green bin composting program as our onsite compost digesters are maxed out by our organic waste. We are approaching our City Council about this. We will also promote less food waste.”

The Corporation of the Township of Dubreuilville

“We recognize the benefits of waste reduction and we are trying to educate the residents of our little town to be responsible consumers and to chose more environmental responsible products/services that will divert more waste from disposal and conserve natural resources. For example we are getting more residents to recycle.”

The Corporation of the Municipality of Sioux Lookout

“The Municipality of Sioux Lookout's Environment Committee brought the proclamation request to Mayor Lawrance. During that week, it is intended for people through social networking, to share ideas or experiences on how they reduce their own waste.”

PragmaTech Waste Solutions

“PragmaTech Waste Solutions is dedicated to the promotion of environmental stewardship. As active members of the waste industry, transparency is our core value as we conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity and sincerity in all aspects of our work. PragmaTech uses an integrated systems approach to leverage the power of people, process, technology, and equipment to divert more waste, capture more recyclables, achieve corporate goals, and be compliant with legislation. Our mission is to work with you to build more sustainable environments. We practice what we preach to lead the way for our clients. PragmaTech will help to reduce and divert waste from the following actions: 1. Our company will conduct a waste-free lunch to encourage waste reduction 2. Promote Waste Reduction Week to all our clients 3. Continue to practice paper reduction strategies (sending e-documents, using duplex printing, reusing scrap paper, etc.) 4. Host a textile drive for all employees 5. Continue to promote current waste diversion programs (light bulbs, batteries, ink/toner cartridges, chip bags/candy wrappers, etc.)”


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