The Beer Store

Circular Economy Monday Sponsor 

At the Beer Store, recycling has become second nature and has been factored into many daily business processes. Using “Repeat” as a third “R” reinforces the approach to consistently repeat existing best practices while continuing to search for ways to improve. The Beer Store’s deposit-return system significantly reduces the amount of packaging going to landfills; they are able to reuse glass beer bottles; and repeat this practice (an average of 15 times per bottle) until they are recycled at the end of their life-cycle.

Commitment to environmental leadership is one of the Beer Store’s core corporate values. Environmental stewardship is built into their DNA. Established in 1927, the Beer Store’s deposit-return program is the first Extended Producer Responsibility program in North America. Being ‘Champions of Green’ is an important part of what they do.

The Beer Store devote’s a significant part of their operations to ensuring their industry’s containers and packaging is saved from landfills and from being a burden on the Ontario taxpayer. It’s a record unmatched by other industries, in Ontario or elsewhere.

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